Ideas turning big

Everything begins with an idea wrote Earl Nightingale. Regardless of every theory you have heard, the world started as an idea. Someone thought about creating the earth and the fortunate part is that, that person was highly educated with mathematics, accounting, engineering, physics,chemistry, geography, technical graphics, languages, biology,lT, building, it all. From that time of […]

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Knowledge is key

It has always be said, knowledge is power. But power has to do with the ability to do work. Knowledge does not only give you strength,it goes beyond that. “All knowledge hurts”, said Cassandra Clare after a light was turned on in this mind. Between understanding and wisdom there is knowledge but the same knowledge […]

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It has always been said

The knowledge you carry no doubt its passed by someone to you. That’s where the quote comes in “show me your friends,l will tell you your character.” For a fact your character can be moulded by someone. That someone was not wrong for s/he elevated you one step ahead. Socratics a Greek philosopher came with […]

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How do l know???

Asking yourself questions has brought us closer to a perfect life from ainstein to every invention we see but how do l know that am close to bring change in this generation…? Trees speaks to us daily and birds hits us about tomorrow and sing music to my ears when necessary. Ants teaches us to […]

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See No Problems

How are you? Its a question that was asked and the girl replyed “l have no problem”. Problems are evaluated in the mind. The word problem is a human defination of an opportunity to grow. In mind thats were the problems are simplified or exploded. It all cames back to your attitude also because the […]

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Make Use Of Your Talent

Make use of your talent otherwise the food chain is not complete. You are there to complete the puzzle. You are there to change lifes. You are there to fulfill dreams. You have killed souls but not being part of the food chain. I was young now am old,you are only remember for the good […]

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The secret place

There is a way that seems right infront of your eyes but its end is disaster. There is a way that seems wrong but its end is far behond your imagination. I like to call this place The Secret Place. You get inside this place,were the set up seems wrong but thats were legends are […]

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Guard what you hear

A body is a collection of different parts. One of the most important parts in your body is your ears. All body parts have equal functions but your ear comes with a different source to fulfill the body head. Our ears makes us understand things differently as it is the path that hear everthing that […]

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